Evolving notes about the tech to support the course

Teaching content and quizzes

We're not yet committed to a particular MOOC platform provider, though we've spoken to OpenLearning and We're also contemplating running the course in the open, on this site, using a static apps approach to bring the activity here, rather than inside a MOOC platform.

We'd like some features that many MOOC providers do not have (or have not had until recently):

"In case of fire", we've been writing a very small platform of our own, which is open source at


The project uses a number of cloud systems

Version control and ticket management

On campus, we've used both GitHub (2012, 2013) and Atlassian (2011).

Continuous Integration

On campus, we used Jenkins. Online, we're looking at Travis CI and Snap CI, and open to other suggestions.

Static analysis

On campus, we used Sonar. Online, we're looking for alternatives.

Continuous deployment

We're looking at alternatives for this. Eg, Heroku, or a solution using Docker.

Peer review

Group critiques

During the project, students will be asked to critique work by other teams on their codebase. We find that both reviewing and being reviewed are pedagogically helpful

We've tentatively been writing Assessory to support this.

Internal team critiques

In 2012, we used WebPA. (In 2013 we used a UQ internal system.)